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Your transformation experience begins with a simple question: What if you could?

Areas of Impact

  • Supply Chain
  • Asset Management
  • Engineering
  • Contract and Vendor Management
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Transformation Design and Program Management
  • Operational Improvement
  • Fleet Optimization
  • Procurement
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Ground Support Optimization


Head of Commercial, Supply Chain and Engineering

You have confirmed the opportunities we thought we had and have established a platform for change with support from all the people you have engaged with. The management Team is committed to deliver a 15% improvement.

Head of Engineering

You have looked at our processes in a new way, opened our eyes on a new range of opportunities and designed an approach that we believe will help us to transform our maintenance practices safely while adding an extra hour of Maintenance during NTH.

SVP Operations

They worked with us on the shop floor organization, between the shop floor and all the surrounding functions, like logistics, manufacturing, engineering, and quality. In fact, their strength is to support the team in putting in place stronger processes or to clean the existing process to reduce the waste and the cost.

Managing Director

The thing that surprised me more than anything was the rate at which they came up with information and how fast they were able to move. So, you just have to be prepared for that. That is good as far as I am concerned. That was fantastic, we needed the urgency to be there.

Credentials and Results

Aerospace Results

Aerospace Credentials

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Operational Excellence: An international dry bulk shipping company grew its fleet from 4 to 33 ships over 12 years. Sustaining this growth while maintaining operational excellence was a challenge. There was no succession planning and mentoring structure to identify future leaders and improve management skill sets needed for growth.

Aerospace Proof Point International Dry Bulk Shipper

Transform Operations: The Head of Aircraft Maintenance for a major seasonal airline needed to transform their UK-based operations to remain competitive, reduce turnaround time to absorb previously outsourced aircraft C-Checks, and maintain high levels of service.

Aerospace Proof Point Aircraft MRO

Improve Maintenance: The Head of Maintenance of a leading international Underground Operator needed to transform their home-based operations to increase maintenance time outside traffic hours, and increase infrastructure work, while maintaining excellent Safe Services.

Aerospace Proof Point Underground Subway

Turnaround Time: A global airline wanted increased certainty of aircraft turnaround time during light checks while also avoiding AOG incidences.  The airline was particularly concerned about delays over 60 minutes and the knock-on disruption i.e. forced crew and plane changes, catering changes, hotel bills, and reputational damage.

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