Cultural Change Leadership

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WHAT IF YOU COULD inspire your organization to embrace a culture of continuous change? With Proudfoot, you can.

Proudfoot integrates the essential capabilities of knowledge, collaboration and engagement into the fabric of your culture to change the way your people perform. We tailor cross-functional integration and behavioral modeling, organizational alignment and design strategy to build an agile, innovation-driven culture.

Through awareness initiatives such as energy consumption, risk management, safety and waste reduction and sales effectiveness, Proudfoot clients communicate clearer, collaborate stronger and engage deeper. Proudfoot’s behavioral framework and unmatched expertise in the human aspect of transformation gets people to align, collaborate and work together across organizational boundaries.

Examples of Proudfoot capabilities:

  • Organizational alignment
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Organizational design
  • Behavior modeling
  • Skills profiling
  • Cross-functional integration
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Increase awareness (risk, energy, safety)
  • Employee engagement
  • Community engagement

Proudfoot has the know-how to enable our clients to run a collaborative and productive work environment. To learn more, download our featured case study. Better yet, contact us and let’s chat about what Proudfoot can do for you.

What if you could accelerate the implementation of new business practices to drive sustainable growth?

Proudfoot jumpstarts and accelerates operational and organizational transformation through lean initiatives, improvement teams, behavioral change strategies and training routines. Learn more

What if you could hire, develop and retain talent that powers your growth?

Proudfoot transforms your organization by engaging head, heart and hands - empowering your people to think big and act now to accelerate change. Learn more

Proudfoot Proof Point - Building Materials Case Study

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