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Your transformation experience begins with a simple question: What if you could?

Areas of Impact

  • Operational Excellence
  • Technology Selection
  • Plant & Equipment Layout
  • Asset Management
  • Usage Management
  • Materials Handling & Storage 
  • Managing Load Variability
  • Managing Asset Start-Ups
  • Shutdowns & Turnarounds
  • Matching Loads to Sources
  • SG&A & Shared Services
  • Culture Transformation

Credentials and Results

"Across new and old refineries alike, we have exceeded the targeted 4% reduction in energy without any additional Capex.

For some of the older refineries, where some investment was necessary, the overall result rises to an 11% reduction in energy usage. For our best-in-class refineries, we consistently delivered 4% with no Capex.

Across all, a cultural change has permeated all levels of our sites. The output was a blueprint for change which we have then used across our refineries.“

Global Head of Refining

Energy Results

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Snapshot Energy Manufacturing: A leading manufacturer and supplier of lead acid batteries, associate equipment and services for transportation and industrial customers worldwide reached out to Proudfoot for help cutting energy usage by 10% across Europe.

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Snapshot Energy Refining: A Head of Refining was convinced they could make improvements by focusing on making people pay more attention and increasing energy awareness. The objective was to reduce energy consumption by 4% across seven refineries located in Europe and the United States, but with no capex spend.

Energy Snapshot Refining

Snapshot Energy Smelter: A large energy company needed assistance reducing their energy costs across their aluminum smelter.

Energy Smelting Snapshot

Snapshot Energy Chemicals: With a pressing need to manage input costs, especially energy, a CEO wanted to improve operational efficiencies, cut energy usage by 5%, and improve yield.

Energy Snapshot Chemicals

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