Meet the Executive Leadership Team responsible for Proudfoot's business.

Committed to designing, implementing and accelerating operational and people transformation across the globe.

Nick Stagg - Executive Chairman | Proudfoot

Nick Stagg
Executive Chairman


As Executive Chairman, Nick is responsible for strategic oversight of Proudfoot's business. Nick graduated in physics from University College London and joined Thomson McLintock in 1981, where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant, and has a proven track record leading successful people-based businesses.

Pam Hackett - Chief Executive Officer | Proudfoot

Pam Hackett
Chief Executive Officer


As Chief Executive Officer, Pam is charged with the growth of Proudfoot - a global consulting brand known for its strength in delivering measurable results for over 70 years. She leads the Proudfoot Global Management Team, whom ensure client satisfaction across the Proudfoot world. Pam joined Proudfoot 30 years ago. Her first assignment was with Mount Isa Mines in outback Queensland, Australia where she rolled up her sleeves, put on her safety boots, and delivered her first set of measurable benefits, through people. 30 years later, Pam continues to advocate that real change and transformation comes from powering up your people. Pam has held various executive roles, including the global leadership of Proudfoot People Solutions practice, the growth of Proudfoot Asia, President, EMEA Business, and is Executive Sponsor of the Proudfoot Institute – home of the Proudfoot Transformation Masterclass. Pam is a recognized thought leader in transformative change. She has led client engagements across multiple sectors in more than 35 countries and, like most Proudfoot Leadership, works directly with our teams on the ground at every opportunity in order to continue delivering measurable results through people.

Jon Wylie - President, Global Natural Resources | Proudfoot

Jon Wylie
President, Global Natural Resources


As President of Global Natural Resources, Jon is responsible for the worldwide operations of Mining and Metals, Building (Construction) Materials, Energy, and Oil & Gas. Jon’s extensive functional knowledge lies in the delivery of productivity improvement projects, with specific expertise in behavioral change and improvement of operational executions. Jon joined Proudfoot in 1987 and has more than 30 years of mining, minerals, and metals experience.

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