WHAT IF YOU COULD achieve your growth targets with greater speed, predictability and control? With Proudfoot, you can.

Industrial goods manufacturers see an uptick in demand but challenges impeding growth lead to questions about operational capability, supply chain effectiveness and how to optimize investments. Digitization, IoT and automation complexities coupled with skilled labor shortages can impact an organization’s ability to respond to growth signals. By using human and capital assets more effectively, implementing lean and clean processes across the enterprise, and creating a culture for continuous improvement, Proudfoot teams with leaders in the industrial goods manufacturing sector to:

  • optimize investments
  • maximize current assets
  • increase throughput
  • improve machine utilization
  • improve direct labor productivity
  • reduce scrap and waste
  • improve direct labor cost per unit
  • grow revenues
  • build an agile organization
  • reduce Capex
  • expand profitability
  • decrease energy usage

Proudfoot has the know-how to enable our clients to maximize current assets, redeploy capacity and focus on sales productivity, customer investment and new product development; all through a more agile, change-capable organization.

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Proudfoot Proof Points - Industrial Goods Case Study
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