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We believe in sharing knowledge and fostering intelligent discussions that inspire transformational change. We keep a close ear to the market to bring you the latest trends in your industry. Follow our Proudfoot Pace bloggers as they tackle the latest challenges facing operational transformation.

Proudfoot Perspective


Beyond waste removal and cost reduction

Lean, Six-Sigma and TQM have served the industry well. However, we see that Lean needs to be put into a new lens focused...

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Falling into the trap of initiative overload

Running multiple initiatives has a tendency to tie up a company’s most valuable resources – people, time and money...

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Improving G&A performance

Viewing G&A functions as profit centers instead of cost centers and expecting similar value creation...

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Proudfoot Pace Blog

We must stop meeting like this!

It is estimated that meetings consume more than two days a week of an executive’s time and 15% of an...

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Do you have what it takes to inspire change?

Senior executives must be a source of inspiration for people to change their work-related behavior.

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Mitigating the inherent risks of a global talent shortage

While the shortage of highly skilled technical talent is a global issue affecting many industries, there is a solution...

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In the Market

Global Cement Magazine on operational transformation in the global cement industry

Producers, whether big or small, are trying to become leaner. Angus Maclean, VP at Proudfoot, explains how cement...

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World Copper Conference 2017

We are proud sponsors of the World Copper Conference in Santiago, Chile, April 3-5.

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National Association of Manufacturers

We are active members of the nation's oldest and largest US broad-based industrial association.

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