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Realizing the Full Benefits of your IT Investment - A Case Study

We are proud to share the story of our work with a well known insurance company.

The company decided it needed expert help to move a large implementation along. More than 20 years ago while working somewhere else, an employee of the medical plan company had worked with Proudfoot to successfully transform that business. So they sought out Proudfoot to help again.

At that point, we immediately put teams on the ground and started working closely with the client’s employees, not only in information technology but across the various business functions.  

One of the first things our team did was conduct a Digital Readiness Assessment to gather analytics and better understand the situation as it stood.

Over 100 “quick sprint” opportunities were identified. Importantly, these were not IT fixes, but rather training or behavioral related. Some 25 of these ended up saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Click here to download and read the full story about how we were subsequently able to engage users, breakdown barriers, and improve processes.

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