Proudfoot sponsors Future of Mining Conference

Jul 23, 2018  |  Jon Wylie  |  mining, safe operations | 0 Comments

Jon Wylie will be giving a key note titled:  Improving Net Present Value - How do you keep a $5.6 Billion Investment on Track?

A case study of how process, people and systems can ensure huge investments deliver on time, safely and on budget.

CEO, Pam Hackett, will be taking part in a panel:  Fireside Chat - From Regulator and Stakeholder to Partner and Supporter  

  • How can you leverage your relationships with governments and communities to
    • a) reduce risk
    • b) improve current and future outcomes
    • c) drive business and
    • d) increase community support?
  • How can miners better communicate the benefits of technology in order to instil confidence in communities, governments and employees?
  • What impact will automation have on the number and type of job roles in the future?
  • How can you make a meaningful difference in the communities where you operate?
  • Is the increasing recognition of UNDRIP (United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous people’s) enabling better project development?

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