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WHAT IF YOU COULD decrease costs dramatically through improved 'outside the fence' operational decision making in on of North America's largest refiners? With PROUDFOOT, you can. 

The SVP of Supply in a major independent North American refiner identified an opportunity to improve downstream profitability ‘outside the fence’ of the company’s refineries. To unleash this potential he needed to enhance the decision-making capability of his Product Supply, Trading and Wholesaling teams.

These teams needed better information, enhanced decision rules, and a more profit-focused culture. The SVP partnered with Proudfoot to create and implement a roadmap to a new integrated decision-making framework.

Over the last six months, we have worked to restructure the organization and identify both cost reduction opportunities (supply chain) and revenue upside opportunities (trading and distribution) to positively impact the organization’s profitability and customer service levels.“ – SVP, Supply, North American Retailer

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