Proudfoot - What we do

We design, implement and accelerate operational and digital transformation through people. We partner with organizations to solve strategically important problems that impede top-line growth or bottom-line results.

This allows us to create new capabilities and harness the power of your people to build an engaged culture, develop leadership behaviors, and implement improved operating models.

Through collaboration with your front-line supervision, your middle management, and your senior executives, we fully implement solutions that transform your operations - the way you and your people do business.


Boots on the ground

With our focus on measurable results, boots on the ground, and sprints to generate rapid results, Proudfoot has advised dozens of private equity clients.

Our global network of experienced professionals serves private equity clients in all regions of the world and across all major sectors—with particular focus in the following sectors: Industrial, Natural Resources, MRO, and Digital. While we have experience in Strategy (e.g. the winning investment strategy, and profiling industries,) and Identification and Screening (e.g. identify and access the right deals, and devising a plan to approach targets), our focus is in the following areas:

Commercial Due Diligence: Leveraging over 70 years of operational experience, we help investors make better deal decisions by performing due diligence, including revenue growth and cost-reduction opportunities to determine a target’s full potential, and providing a clear post-acquisition agenda.

Value Creation and Performance Improvement:  Immediately after an acquisition, we support the pursuit of rapid returns by supporting post-merger integration and aligning management with strategic priorities and directing focused initiatives. During the ownership phase, we drive agile sprints to drive operations improvements to support cost reduction and productivity improvements and closely track the measurable benefits. Over our last 1,000 engagements, Proudfoot has driven ROI in excess of 3 to 1.

Exit planning: Proudfoot has core competency in sustainable operations, providing the company with the framework and tools for continuous improvement. We assist our investors in maximizing returns by preparing for exit and maximizing the EBITDA, the underlying assist in preparation for the sale.


The people challenge
It is a people challenge, but it’s the leadership’s people problem. If organizations are going to make transformation a reality, leaders need to take more concrete steps towards engaging the enthusiasm and participation of frontline managers and supervisors, as well, enabling them to be successful. This is Proudfoot’s sweet-spot.


Your transformation experience begins with a simple question: What if you could?

What if you could reduce major operating costs, saving $30M?
What if you could create a 40% improvement in order processing speed?
What if you could standardize processes, reducing annual costs by $55M?
What if you could reduce variable labor costs by 36%?
Areas of impact
  • Productivity & Cost Reduction
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Value Creation
  • Production
  • Performance Improvement
  • Exit Planning 
  • Transformation Lab
  • Maintenance
  • Management Operating System
  • Employee Engagement & Alignment
  • PMI/Cultural Integration
  • Sales Force Effectiveness


Bob Taylor, Managing Partner, Advent International

Existing managers have their day jobs to do. Even if they had the requisite skills, they are unlikely to be able to take on an entire operations review and subsequent change program, and do it with the kind of rigor and momentum required. A firm like Proudfoot does this for a living but cannot really operate without a license to do so from incumbent managers – they’re the ones who know the business intimately, warts and all. In eighteen years in Private Equity, I’ve never seen an operating system like the one Proudfoot installed.

Dr. Norbert Hess, COO, TDK Electronics

Over the last three years, TDK has partnered with Proudfoot in six facilities around the world. Working together, we have significantly improved our operations. So their initial recommendation was a little surprising in that its aim was to improve overall output with no head count reduction. The results speak for themselves: We have achieved record production levels successively for the last three years. Their 'toolkit' for on-the-floor execution is excellent. It's really a manual for how to change a culture for higher performance and make it stick. Their people are good leaders with the tools, discipline, and experience to make effectiveness in execution routine in the workforce.

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