A robust measurement methodology

While our programs create operational improvement and cultural change, we like to ensure we link those changes to improved financial results. For more than 7 decades Proudfoot has been measuring and tracking the delivery of benefits we have committed to achieve with our clients.

Within the first 2-3 weeks of an engagement, Proudfoot Analytics works with you to determine your case for change and gain your teams alignment around that business case.

Within 5 weeks of program launch, your evaluation methodology will be designed, signed off and we commence tracking results. First operationally and then as the change takes hold, onto your P&L. Real results. Real trackable benefits.

Proudfoot Score Card

60% of our projects are performance based – that means we can link transformative change to financial outcomes.

Our rolling last 1,000 projects provides a snapshot into how well we’ve done. Performance-based projects have delivered over $5.6 billion in first-year P&L improvements. The project ROI based solely on first-year results is 4-to-1. These results were 110% of initial project estimates, leading over two-thirds of our clients to engage Proudfoot for additional new projects.


We achieved 100% of our commitments, over achieving on some.

return on investment

Average 400% return on investment within first year

engagements breakeven

91% of engagements breakeven during the first year, many hit total benefits run rates by year end


68% of our clients pursue at least one more assignment with us - several with over 15 additional


Estimated Savings (per engagement letter) $5.1M

first year benefits

We have generated first-year benefits of $5.6B (three-year benefits at over $16B)

We thought all consultants did the same.

We were wrong, and now we know why. A recent Financial Times article highlights that fewer than 38% of management consulting projects deliver results in excess of fees. By contrast, over 91% of Proudfoot’s clients reach at least break even within one year of project completion – many during the life of the engagement. Not “projected” or “potential” benefits. Real, measured financial results. Benefits acknowledged and agreed to by our clients.

What makes Proudfoot “different?” Why do our clients reap tangible benefits rapidly?

Many consulting firms tell you what you need to do to improve operations. Few actually work with your organization at the point of execution. Yes, we work with you and your leadership team. But we pay equal attention to those people at your front lines – supervisors, engineers, foremen, sales reps – where the work gets done.

This top-to-bottom engagement generates results, quickly and sustainably.

Proudfoot engages your people to identify their challenges; those things needed to achieve your goals. During our Analytics phase, we detail areas of improvement within weeks, not months. With you, we co-draft your business case and project rationale – bottom line results. The team builds this joint approach for prototyping solutions and rapid implementation. It directly addresses critical behavioral changes and supporting management systems. Your people own the case, the roadmap and the change, including how, with Proudfoot’s help, they can “cash the check” on those improvements. This focuses your team on the real prize: Results.

Your transformation experience begins with a simple question: What if you could...

increase your productivity
by 31%?

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improve your profitability
by 50% in <6 months?

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reduce your working capital
expenditure by 22%?

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With Proudfoot, you can.