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The future of business is
(still) people
At Proudfoot we design, implement, and accelerate operational transformation through people – realising tomorrow’s results, today.
Our projects outperform the industry average because of the importance we place on people. We build the capabilities of our Client’s people so the improvements can continue long after we go.
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Mining Journal 2019 Global Leadership Report

Read The Future of Mining is (still) people

Article by Jon Wylie and Cay Mims

12th September 2019


What will drive the next wave of productivity improvements in the natural resources sector? Historically, improvements have come from the people who work in the sector. People develop new logistics and systems. People invent, adopt, and adapt new tools and technologies. People make decisions and solve problems, day in and day out. Every gain has come from the hard work and good ideas of people who know about mining.

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Our CEO Wins Award

CEO Today Announces Proudfoot’s Pamela Hackett as Global CEO Today Management Consulting Awards Winner

8th July 2019


Proudfoot is pleased to announce CEO Pamela Hackett has been named global winner of the CEO Today Management Consulting Awards. The awards are dedicated to recognising strong and innovative leadership amongst business leaders operating in the consulting industry. This award follows Proudfoot’s Forbes Management Consulting Award (Best Consultancies in America) for both 2018 and 2019.

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