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Your transformation experience begins with a simple question: What if you could?

Areas of Impact

  • Maintenance Excellence
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Process Reengineering
  • Throughput Increase
  • Cycle Time Reduction
  • Scrap Reduction
  • Packaging Optimization
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Management
  • Resource Utilization
  • Inventory Management
  • Management Operating System


Stewart Gilliland, CEO, Mueller

We are confident that the new ways of working will deliver long term sustainable benefits on both costs and revenues.

Hans Synhaeve, General Manager Sourcing Foods, Unilever

I personally have seen results in our organization which are owned by our people, thus placing us on an ever-higher platform to deliver our strategic objectives.

Michael Griffin, CEO

Working with Proudfoot has been the catalyst that has enabled selected sites to significantly increase productivity without additional capital expenditure.

Mallya Dr Vijay, Chairman, United Breweries

I have worked with many consulting companies and Proudfoot is world class. In a difficult environment, they helped double our profits and gave us over 4 to 1 return on our investment. I respect their drive, determination and honesty. I highly recommend Proudfoot as a business partner.

Credentials and Results

Agribusiness Results

Agribusiness Credentials

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Improving OEE: To capture a larger share of a fast-growing market and access higher margins, the C-suite of a major manufacturer of dairy products decided to initiate a capital improvement project to increase the production of Extended Shelf Life (ESL) milk.

Agribusiness Snapshot Improving OEE

Manage Cost Base: Against the backdrop of an aggressive market and tight margins, the Chief Executive of needed to increase throughput to better manage his cost base. Convinced that his existing lines could cope with additional volume, he steadfastly resisted the easy option of a 10m Euro capex spend on additional production lines.

Agribusiness Snapshot Manage Cost Base

Optimizing Resources: The CEO of a lumber supplier faced challenges of increasing costs and productivity challenges which impacted margins. This was compounded by cheap imports from foreign competitors. With half of the company’s saw mills not generating profits, he was forced to spend most of his time overseeing daily operations instead of focusing on improvement initiatives.

Agribusiness Snapshot Optimizing Resources

Restructuring Procedures: Due to high portfolio demand, our client was struggling to meet the needs of its customers. A recently acquired facility had doubled in capacity, but a high turnover rate and cultural issues made operations extremely unstable. Their objectives were to increase throughput and reduce the cost per 100 lbs. of weight produced.

Agribusiness Snapshot Restructuring Procedures

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