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Proudfoot Analytics
Unearth Savings, Free Up Budgets, Re-Invest Where it Matters

What if you could identify significant savings in your operations in only 3 weeks?

2019's first two quarters have been full of continued challenges across many industries. As your numbers come in, you'll be checking your progress against your business plans for the year. It might come as no great surprise if progress hasn't matched expectations.  

What if you could rapidly identify where your wasted time, effort, and money are going?

It starts with a rapid 3 week diagnosis of where you are and ends with a full blown plan of where you can recoup and realize significant value in your operations. Dive deep and use that knowledge to transform the way your organization works together.

From low hanging fruit to big, aspirational changes, we'll help you find your next big opportunity!

Proudfoot Analytics

Proudfoot offers organizations a comprehensive view of the current state of their operations – then accelerates transformation by focusing on the factor(s) that provide the best opportunities to achieve sustainable value.

How can Proudfoot help your team?

We work alongside both senior management and front line staff to improve processes, streamline communications, and build a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

1. Aerial Map™ Key Processes & Interfaces

Proudfoot's proprietary Aerial Mapping™ exercises help you to understand the interconnected web of your operations holistically and comprehensively.

2. Rapid Analytics

Proudfoot's analytics experts use data to help steer the ship and fill in the gaps, identifying opportunities and benchmarks – while never forgetting that people are always the difference maker.

3. Management Operating System Optimization

Proudfoot partners with people at all levels of your organization to ensure your management controls are enabling employees and sustaining best practices.

4. Coaching & Training

Proudfoot's People Solutions experts work directly with your staff to sustainably change behaviors and embed new beliefs into the culture.

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