What if you could achieve world-class maintenance and reduce costs by 20% across your plants?

With Proudfoot, you can.


WHEN A COMPANY DISCOVERS that its maintenance costs are running 40% above those of its competitors, a swift response is often the best course of action.

Our client, a global leader in aggregates and a key player in the field of cement, concrete and other downstream activities, forms part of a larger European 9bn turnover group.

Operating in a highly competitive sector, effective cost management is critical to business success.

In the wake of a recent merger and lacking the skills internally to tackle the issues head on, the CEO concluded external support was required. He engaged Proudfoot to cut maintenance and repair costs by 15% and establish world class standards.


Working together with Proudfoot, the team:


Centralized all maintenance operations to make the required improvements and to establish world class standards.


Overhauled work plans and workflows between maintenance and production for maintenance and spare parts management. Improved communication and eliminated silos.


Trained employees on the building blocks of the maintenance pyramid, i.e. inspection, planning and execution. Roles and responsibilities were clarified and the team implemented a handbook to establish a common reference model for best practice.


Improved planning and maximized the use of in-house resources reducing the need for overtime and subcontractors. Significant cost savings resulted from more closely monitoring subcontractor performance.


Analyzed the frame contracts and renegotiated them to generate further savings from better terms.

Installed a maintenance management operating system (MOS), providing management with the tools, controls and resource scheduling to manage internal and subcontractors more effectively.

“We are greatly pleased that the cost savings have already begun to show, especially through the efficient use of external service providers. Working practices and behaviors have much improved and a more positive mindset is now visible on the job floor.”

Plant Manager


  • £7.8M saved within 6 months across the initial 5 sites
  • 34 plants. The client decided to rapidly roll out the improvement project across Europe and North America.
  • 15-20% cost saving in each plantTailoring the program to fit each plant meant cost savings were replicated across all plants involved.
  • £53.8M in benefits realized
  • World class maintenance standards established globally.

  • Skills and behaviors developed across 1,620 employees with Proudfoot People Solutions™

The pilot phase benefited everyone because of all that we learned from the critical appraisal of our own processes and procedures together with Proudfoot.

Plant Manager CEO