What if you could increase sales by 11%?

With Proudfoot, you can.


A major distributor of aftermarket automotive equipment and accessories serving more than 17,000 customers in the United States and Canada needed to address its top-line growth.

With growth varying by segment, they needed to increase sales by enhancing market penetration. Yet, divergent sales techniques, standards, and management systems across 18 call centers and field sales offices were limiting their ability.

Together with Proudfoot, the management team defined a target set of improvement opportunities:

  • The call center and field sales operations lacked standard management tools.
  • Many field sales representatives were mostly visiting customers and taking orders rather than proactively selling.
  • The call centers lacked a defined process and best practice behaviors for maximizing sales volume through cross-selling and up-selling techniques.
  • Poor communication between call centers and field sales limited optimal collaboration for growth.
  • Sales representatives lacked the necessary tools and information to adequately prepare for sales calls.


Working together with Proudfoot, the team:


Developed and implemented several training initiatives.


Established a Quick Results Program to generate $500,000 in increased revenue within the first few weeks of the project.


Introduced sales management operating system tools to forecast, plan, assign, measure and report on core sales activities.


Trained sales representatives in relationship selling skills to address skill and behavioral gaps. The highly-targeted training focused on primary skills required for telesales to shift from reactive order-taking to proactive targeted-selling.


Trained sales managers at all levels on critical management behaviors, with a specific focus on coaching and supporting sales personnel.

Developed and installed customized sales and sales management tools to enable uniformity and thoroughness in pre-call planning and post-call follow-up activities.


  • 11% increase in annualized sales
  • 5% increase in revenue
  • A shift in mindset—the more proactive sales organization was now armed with the tools they needed to continually exceed targets and power the business forward.
  • Enhanced effectiveness of the outside sales organization by redesigning the core sales process.
  • Increased sales through up-selling and cross-selling all appropriate opportunities.
  • Developed and utilized a proactive sales management operating system.
  • Defined crewing requirements with the appropriate tools to match resources and workload.
  • Developed and implemented a seller behavior model.
  • Redefined roles and responsibilities of insides sales reps and sales assistants to reduce redundant activities and enhance revenue/margin per customer.