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Your transformation experience begins with a simple question: What if you could?

Areas of Impact
  • Operational Excellence
  • Safe Operations
  • Commercial Excellence
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics and Transportation Excellence
  • Asset Management
  • Employee Engagement and Alignment
  • SG&A and Shared Services
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Community Engagement
  • Culture Transformation
Andrew Walker, Managing Director, Premier Transline Building Systems

The Proudfoot team at Premier Transline Building Group are nearing completion of the project. I am very happy with the progress of the project and the commitment from all the team members. The innovative and dynamic approach of the team in a difficult environment has resulted in the company being able to embrace organisational and business process reengineering. Well done Team!

Credentials and Results

We are impressed by your capacity to implement and put in place a ‘Coup de Boost.’ After previous projects in operational areas, we wanted to try your methodology on the SG&A costs, and it was the best decision. We need to continue working with you and your methodology as it really succeeds.” CEO

Building Materials Results

Building Materials Credentials

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Post Merger Integration: Having previously delivered more than €100M in operational improvements for Lafarge, the CEO of Lafarge Africa called on Proudfoot to support their post-merger integration with Holcim in Nigeria, a critical market.

Building Materials Proof Point Post Merger Integration

Cost Savings for Quarries: A market leader in building materials needed to lower costs by €1 per ton to remain competitive. The CEO needed to urgently accelerate the identification and delivery of costs savings across over 100 quarries in France.

Building Materials Proof Point Case Study

TOM Ready Mix: One of the Regional Ready Mix Divisions of a world leader in building materials had been underperforming for years. Having gone through restructures, the expected turnaround had still not been achieved.

Building Materials Proof Point TOM Ready Mix

TOM SG&A Efficiency: The Country CEO of a world leader in building materials was faced with a challenging situation in his market. Prices and volumes were under pressure and were to remain so in the foreseeable future. Having started a strategic review of the SG&A organization and its cost, the company had failed to deliver the targeted savings in this area of the business.

Building Materials Proof Point SG&A Efficiency