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What if you could deliver substantial business outcomes and create a culture of continuous improvement across dozens of locations?

With Proudfoot, you can.


A MARKET LEADER IN BUILDING MATERIALS needed to lower costs by €1 per ton to remain competitive.

The CEO needed to urgently accelerate the identification and delivery of costs savings across over 100 quarries in France.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of aggregates, the company supplies the market with a wide range of building materials including sand, grit and blocks for all types of applications.

Many competitors in the market have lower fixed costs and the company faces continual pressure to manage operating costs.

Seizing every opportunity for operational efficiency while pursuing profitable growth, a 30% drop in sales made a significant impact. It was clear that internal efforts were not enough to remain competitive.

The CEO engaged Proudfoot to accelerate the identification of savings across its quarries, rationalize the organizational structure and lower logistics and production costs.

A 17-week pilot pinpointed what needed to change, delivered the savings and secured the required employee buy-in.

A fast-paced national rollout followed.


Working together with Proudfoot, the team:


Involved all employees from dump truck drivers to operational managers in brainstorming sessions to generate innovative cost-saving ideas based on in-depth technical knowledge.


Assessed each opportunity for feasibility and viability before being rolled out.


Developed a new FMEA management tool (failure mode and effects analysis) to focus attention on the appropriate major activities to be carried out.


Provided management with a dashboard for monitoring production working in conjunction with operations.


Established daily operational performance review meetings to update employees on production issues and clearly communicate where improvements were needed.


Coached managers individually on the desired behaviors and seven core skills of successful active management.


  • 100+ quarries
  • £3.5M further savings identified
  • £9.6M in annualized savings delivered
  • Within 11 months, the rollout was complete.
  • All 9 regions.
  • Exceeded target by 10% within time frame.
  • Culture of continuous process improvement firmly established.
  • Employees are now agents of continuous process improvement, establishing firmer foundations for future growth.

“Our internal efforts were not going far enough or fast enough for the company to remain competitive. With Proudfoot, we were able to accelerate savings across all our quarries through a new organizational structure and company-wide culture of continuous process improvement.”

Client CEO

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