What if you could drive substantial performance improvements reducing absenteeism by 29%?

With Proudfoot, you can.


A GLOBAL COMPANY THAT PRODUCES industrial chemicals used in fertilizers, and supplied to industry and the agricultural sector had ambitious growth plans.

With the market buoyant and demand strong, the CEO could readily sell everything he produced. He sought to deliver the volume uplift from the UK operations through a five-year plan targeted to double output within three years.

Midway through the investment program, the CEO’s immediate need was to accelerate the volume ramp up. The volume increase needed to be sustainable to improve the predictability of operations.

He turned to Proudfoot for support.

Proudfoot conducted an in-depth analysis of the entire UK operation and the five-year plan. The team identified operational, behavioral and organizational transformation opportunities to mine efficiency and increased throughput.

The initial priority was to improve the execution of the mine plans.


Working together with Proudfoot, the team:


Identified the elements that had the greatest impact on operational efficiency and mine plan execution.


Emphasized short interval control, and structured the mine plan into weekly and daily plans by area, with new reporting requirements rolled out across all departments.


Installed relevant KPIs and other tools such as “perfect day” rotas, shift logs and root cause analysis to ensure mine performance was monitored, and they focused attention on minimizing disruptions.


Identified and implemented a series of quick wins to engage the organization, and make the initiative more tangible for the workforce.


Applied Proudfoot’s mining experience and People Solutions™ to improve communications across the operations and foster improved collaboration and teamwork.


Coached, trained, and engaged employees to gain team and individual commitment to change.


Coached management and supervisors to help them enhance leadership skills and management capabilities.


Within weeks, the combined impact of the changes was a sizeable uplift in performance and the agreed target of tons hoisted was achieved.

  • 29% reduction in absenteeism
  • 90% machine availability
  • 10-12% increase in throughput
  • £11.5M in recurring annualized benefits
  • The operational efficiency program transformed mine performance.
  • Volumes increased steadily to achieve the uplift required.
  • The overhaul of working practices established “best-in- class” operating standards.
  • The culture was transformed. Employees were engaged, results-focused and motivated to deliver.

“The Proudfoot team delivered 180 sessions underground for the overseers, foremen, shift and production managers to clarify procedures, boost essential skills and performance improved as a result.”

Client Leader