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Your transformation experience begins with a simple question: What if you could?

Areas of Impact
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  • Logistics
  • Maintenance 
  • Operations
  • Personnel
  • Planning and Production
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • Quality Control
  • Research and Development
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One other critical tool provided by Proudfoot was sales team coaching. We have had sales training for years yet were never assured that the techniques were translated into behavior in the field. Proudfoot worked diligently with our managers to train them as coaches and these lessons are now a routine part of our culture.

Kevin Abbot, Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Retail

We partnered with Proudfoot Consulting to review our UK retail operation, to return it to profitability and introduce a new employee mindset. The Proudfoot team gained credibility from the start by quickly establishing trust and building relationships at every level of our business. One of the most valuable aspects of the project was how well the joint Proudfoot and Alpha teams worked together to identify and successfully implement the changes needed. They showed by example and gave confidence at a time when there was low self-esteem in management and the managed.

However, what impressed me most of all is the resulting empowerment. The strong team spirit, combined with the skills taught have enabled us to sustain the change. Our turnaround has been impressive and dramatic and is seen as such both internally as well as by our airport partners. Proudfoot contributed significantly in making this a much better business.

Philip A de Weerdt, Managing Director, Printpak Limited

Printpak Cape, a historically very profitable operation within Nampak Limited, was faced with a declining market and internal inefficiencies. Proudfoot was called in to assist with the internal efficiency problem. It brought intellectual capacity and a new approach to manufacturing process control.

Proudfoot drove the process to increase efficiencies relentlessly in an environment where labour was suspicious and reluctant to cooperate fully. It also advised on change management to overcoming the labour problems. Over and above this, Proudfoot assisted in analysing the Sales/Customer profitability and allowed decisions to improve company performance further.

Looking back after four years, the Proudfoot intervention was the catalyst that assisted us in changing the direction of the operation that is now an important profit contributor.

Credentials and Results

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods Credentials

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Paper Operations: The Senior Vice President needed to address a projected multi-million-dollar shortfall in its fine paper operations. The company calculated that its fine paper operation was running behind its projected annual contribution due to quality issues, decreased throughput, and inadequate process controls.

Consumer Packaged Goods Snapshot Paper Manufacturer

Updated Management System: Several acquisitions had left the organization overly complex with unclear reporting lines and out of date management systems. The sales force was distributed across 14 countries and each came from many different backgrounds and organizations.

Consumer Packaged Goods Adhesive Manufacturer

Increase Productivity: The market share and profitability were not where they should or could be. The division’s new CEO was tasked with delivering $9m in savings.

Consumer Packaged Goods Increase Productivity

Improving Output: Client had concerns about the management and cost structure of the (R&D) research and development department. There was no project related cost planning or control, which was damaging margins.

Consumer Packaged Goods Improving Update

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