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Dear Salvador,

Thank you for providing the opportunity for Proudfoot to showcase our successes and how we will address your objective; a lasting 16% improvement in your throughput, safely and to the highest standards of quality. 

We’re providing you with a rich document of our credentials, our approach and why Proudfoot is a different consulting company to partner with – one focused not only on achieving your results, but one that is also focused on engaging, enabling and energizing your people, one that is focused on building capability within your teams so they can do-it-themselves next time. But before you read that, here are a few points that may not shine through our technical document, but ones we think important to point out. Let’s start with a quick video to set the scene:


You’ve probably read the statistics of success when companies embark on major improvement programs; only few succeed.  In fact, some companies say as little as 15-25% claim success. Whether it’s at a team, department, functional or whole company level, changing your results can be tough.  Change, after all, requires your people to change their behaviors, processes that are clean and productive, management tools to manage the right KPIs based on those processes and behaviors, and the right leaders at every level of the organization. 

We don’t think those statistics have to apply to you. You’re taking the first step to seek expertise to help you improve your probabilities of success. With that in mind, and with 20,000+ transformations behind us, we’re looking forward to sharing with you what we’ve learned from having boots on the ground, at the heart of transformative change, and generating improvements to the level like the one you are seeking. 

We wish we could give you the simple ‘8 steps to change,’ and we wish we could tell you it’s all about leadership. The truth is that success in change programs is a combination of well-orchestrated actions that happen across a business and at all levels.  So, we won’t give you all the reasons transformative programs fail; instead, we’ll focus on why we think transformations succeed, told through the lens of the people who make it happen – the leaders and teams in the front line of a business, charged with execution. 

Here’s the first five actions we’ve found to help us deliver our 20,000+ success stories. We’ll look forward to explaining the details to you, but for now, here are the headlines:

  1. Each level in your organization must play its part, but not all part and levels are equal. Yes Leadership must be committed, but that’s a table-stake.  The key to execution are the middle and front line leaders, where your work gets done. We’ve found it is this group that makes or breaks your transformation.
  2. Contrary to popular studies, we found it is less about resistance to change and all about understanding how to enable your people to participate.
  3. There is a sequence of activities and engagements that enables people to come with you. While it’s not as easy as one, two, three, the sequence of these events really do matter.
  4. Nothing engages like opportunity. When you give people the opportunity to learn, develop new skills and see what they do matters, you energize people to give their best to the challenge.
  5. Businesses are managed. People are led. The right leadership can bring out the best in teams because they know capability development is key and coaching is king. How your front-line leaders behave day-to-day can speed up or slow down your transformation.

After leading improvement programs for the past 70+ years (with a team of people that have spent their entire careers doing just that) we have trained, coached and guided over 1 million leaders through the implementation of change; our experience shows that active management & ‘HeadsUp’ leadership can make all the difference. 


Leaders who understand how technology and reporting can inform their decisions and enable them to better connect with their people, will engage with their teams more purposefully, focus on how to empower their people to perform, and look for ways to energize their team members through the ups and downs of change. 

Equally, leaders of improvement programs know it’s all about the people going through the change and are open to address the “Help Me” factor by connecting deeper. 

Our approach is successful – you can have a look at our results scorecard here:

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We look forward to giving you more insight into how we create lasting change and utilize our successful approach to achieve results with our clients when we meet in person.  In the meantime, we invite you to see our Real-Time Client Audited Results Tracker through our results scorecard.

Yours Sincerely,

Pamela Hackett

CEO Proudfoot