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Your transformation experience begins with a simple question: What if you could?

Areas of Impact

  • Aligned Business Model
  • Leveraging Your Ecosystem
  • Digital Business Case
  • Digital Competitive Advantage
  • Connecting Using Digital Enablers
  • Crucial Capabilities
  • Leadership & Workforce Talent
  • User Adoption
  • Digital Threats & Opportunities
  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Rapid Results
  • Benefits Realization


SVP Supply Chain

Proudfoot was chosen over the other firms because of their people-first approach and we were right. Proudfoot quickly engaged all shifts and departments building trust in the new processes, tools, and policies.

Vice-President Sales Shared Services/Sponsor

I am seeing the behavior of my people change before my very eyes.

Senior Executive

Proudfoot was chosen over other firms because they knew this effort was not about the technology. It is and has always been about our people.

In the News

Achieving Rapid Results in Digital Transformation

Group of businesspeople working over digital tablet and laptop in the office

Digital Transformation is everywhere, splashed across websites and publications, in all industries around the world. This single term, however, has a vast range of meanings. There is no one size fits all approach to Digital Transformation. Each company starts from a different place. Each company has unique capabilities and challenges. Each senior executive must tailor the company’s approach to Digital Transformation to fit their own unique situation... Read More

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Software Quote to Order: A global technology company sought to reduce cycle time and simplify the quote-to-cash process for over 3,500 product SKUs. Proudfoot was retained to revamp the legacy quote-to-cash processes in line with its digital vision; this included restructuring product hierarchies, integrating them with new-product introductions and restructuring the quoting organization to enable new digital processes. In streamlining the quote-to-cash process, the key was enabling quote-to-cash status transparency and integration into legacy CRM and ERP systems.

Digital Ready Snapshot Quote to Order

Digital Ready Operations: A premium international airline was undergoing a major digital transformation in their engineering company. The objective was to go paperless in line maintenance and heavy maintenance operations. Proudfoot was retained to jumpstart and engage the people journey and concurrently make paper-based legacy processes ‘digital-ready’, enabling them to provide state-of-the-art innovative designs to transform digital operations. This included workload prediction and packaging, critical path planning and scheduling, supply chain and logistics, execution, and billing.

Digital Ready Proof Point Operations

Recoup IT Investment: A premier food manufacturer’s scheduling practices were driving high turnover and inefficient use of the workforce. Prior attempts to implement centralized, automated scheduling had stumbled when the selected solution created unviable schedules. Proudfoot was retained to leverage the legacy systems by aligning business needs, processes and system functionality to deliver improved labor scheduling.

Digital Ready Recoup IT Investment

Maximize IT Investment: A premium insurance company had invested heavily in a major digital transformation across the enterprise. Results were falling short of expectations as they were not realizing the expected return on investment. Proudfoot was retained to enable the digital strategy, roadmap and execution by prioritizing the business needs.

Digital Ready Proof Point Maximise IT Investment