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Your transformation experience begins with a simple question: What if you could?

Areas of Impact

  • Working Capital
  • Supply Chain
  • Asset Management
  • Contractor and Vendor Management
  • Operational Strategy
  • Transformation Design and Program Manager
  • Cultural Change Leadership
  • Route and Fleet Optimization
  • Procurement
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Fleet Profitability Improvement
Bruno Vergobbi, Port Autonome de Dunkerque, General Manager

Proudfoot was totally committed to the approach that involved a thorough review of our processes, systems and working methods. The methodology put in place has made it possible to achieve the desired cost savings whilst at the same time avoiding an industrial relations crisis that would have been extremely harmful to the Port Autonome de Dunkerque in the current competitive climate.

Updating our information system, which was not adapted to the needs of running a business in today’s world, and the high level of people retiring represented the key opportunities for us in terms of our achieving the next level in terms of our progress.

The close involvement of both top and middle management, who were integral in the approach recommended by Proudfoot, was critical to the success of the project and undoubtedly helped to make the results sustainable. The project is widely perceived as being positive by the employees and is not questioned, even though many were challenged by it.

The Proudfoot consultants helped our top management to find and implement the appropriate solutions. Their ability and dedication has been unanimously recognised and has not prevented middle management and employees in general from taking ownership of the project. It does however provide further evidence of the fact that a project of this scale does require the external support of a consultancy.

PAD 2005 has certainly brought the Port Autonome de Dunkerque a new sense of momentum which is relatively unknown in the French public sector, where change is particularly slow and difficult.

Credentials and Results

Distribution and Logistics Results

Distribution and Logistics Credentials

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Distribution and Logistics Snapshot Transport

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