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What We Do

Speed, scale, and magnitude of benefits, safely, are the hallmarks of our client engagements across the energy value chain, from upstream and midstream operations...
and through to downstream and associated service industries. From power and water to electricity.>

Proudfoot has been delivering hard results through deep subject matter expertise for decades. While outcomes are achieved by working directly with our client people in their workplace, utilizing our unique people solutions engagement model and one-on-one coaching, we balance this with our industry technical know-how. Focusing on your company culture (employee engagement and management capability development) as well as your operating models.

It’s from this approach that our clients accelerate transformative change to achieve dramatic, measurable and sustainable operational outcomes – changing the way work get done to provide results you can take to the bank.


We design, implement and accelerate operational and digital transformation through people. We partner with organizations to solve strategically important problems...

that impede top-line growth or bottom-line results.

This allows us to create new capabilities and harness the power of your people to build an engaged culture, turbocharge leadership behaviors, and implement improved operating models.

Through collaboration with your front-line supervision, your middle management, and your senior executives, we fully implement solutions that transform your operations - the way you and your people do business.

Your transformation experience begins with a simple question: What if you could?

Areas of Impact

  • Operational Excellence
  • Technology Selection
  • Plant & Equipment Layout
  • Asset Management
  • Usage Management
  • Materials Handling & Storage 
  • Managing Load Variability
  • Managing Asset Start-Ups
  • Shutdowns & Turnarounds
  • Matching Loads to Sources
  • SG&A & Shared Services
  • Culture Transformation

Credentials and Results

"For some of the older refineries, where some investment was necessary, the overall result rises to an 11% reduction in energy usage. For our best-in-class refineries, we consistently delivered 4% with no Capex.

Across all, a cultural change has permeated all levels of our sites. The output was a blueprint for change which we have then used across our refineries." Global Head of Refining

Energy Results

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Discover More

Snapshot Energy Manufacturing: A leading manufacturer and supplier of lead acid batteries, associate equipment and services for transportation and industrial customers worldwide reached out to Proudfoot for help cutting energy usage by 10% across Europe.

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Snapshot Energy Refining: A Head of Refining was convinced they could make improvements by focusing on making people pay more attention and increasing energy awareness. The objective was to reduce energy consumption by 4% across seven refineries located in Europe and the United States, but with no capex spend.

Energy Snapshot Refining

Snapshot Energy Smelter: A large energy company needed assistance reducing their energy costs across their aluminum smelter.

Energy Smelting Snapshot

Snapshot Energy Chemicals: With a pressing need to manage input costs, especially energy, a CEO wanted to improve operational efficiencies, cut energy usage by 5%, and improve yield.

Energy Snapshot Chemicals

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