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Proudfoot helps the world’s top mining and metals companies outperform their peers

Dear Philip,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for giving us the opportunity to showcase our capabilities, which we believe are aligned with some of the goals you are aiming to achieve at FIRST QUANTUM. Thanks to the efforts of your teams in delivering recent optimizations and operating efficiencies at Sentinel and Kansanshi. You want, of course, that these improvements stick, especially as you target to sustain 820 kt of annual copper production mainly from three operations post-2021. Equally paramount to this campaign will be contribution from Cobre Panama, which appears to be ramping up nicely.

Here at PROUDFOOT, we are focused on:

  • Achieving your results quickly and sustainably
  • Engaging and enabling your people to power transformation
  • Developing the transformation capabilities of your teams so that they can improve continuously
  • Delivering agreed benefits with accountability for measured results

We have noted the 20,000 Stories Project portrayed on your corporate website and are impressed with what appears to be a people-centric culture at FIRST QUANTUM. In 74 years, PROUDFOOT's Heads Up leadership approach has led to over 20,000 successful projects, training and coaching over 1 million leaders. The numerical evidence in our scorecard of current results.

We're committed to generating impactful, sustainable results and we take pride in delivering an average 400% ROI for our clients. Whether in a factory, a single function, or a multi mine portfolio, transformation requires that your people are all-in, engaged, and energized; that processes are optimized; that material yields improve; that the correct key performance indicators are available at leach level of the business; and that the right decisions are made and deployed.

With more than seven decades of experience, we want to share what we have learned in the field, at the heart of change. We have delivered results for our mining clients across the entire value chain and lifecycle of a mining operation, including production ramp-up acceleration, steady-state operational enhancement, and re-mapping the workforce structure as a mine’s productive life approaches the end.

We will be happy to present our approach to your operations directors and decision support team at their convenience. In the meantime, we remain at your disposal.


Chitimukulu Musonda

 Download our Mining & Metals Brochure

Our clients engage a Proudfoot team when they need to rapidly improve their operational and financial results.

Typical transformation engagements are cost neutral within the year implemented, and currently deliver an annualized return on investment of 5:1 up to 20:1

Our transformational approach is focused on company culture and global optimization, which allows enterprise-wide solutions to:

  • Accelerate operational performance improvement
  • Implement next generation realignment of cost structures
  • Eliminate non-core, non-value activities
  • Reduce working capital and procurement costs 

We work with your people at all levels of the business, across your entire value and logistics chain, shoulder-to-shoulder with your teams to deliver operational excellence and safe, productive results to help optimize your business.

Proudfoot enables you to:

1. Move complexity out of your operation, creating lower cost structure and higher throughput and quality
2. Reduce overall cost structure by simplifying and automating work in G & A and support functions
3. Add value and synergies across procurement, logistics and value chain processes
4. Make the transformation solution sustainable
5. Build capability in your people so they can do it again, without us

Proudfoot is flexible to do business with, enabling clients to work with us to structure the best program and fee structure for their situation.

Download our Mining & Metals Brochure 

Who we are

Proudfoot leverages the power of people. We design, implement and accelerate operational transformation, realizing tomorrow’s results, today. Known for our hands-on approach, industry expertise and passion to assist you in achieving remarkable results, Proudfoot delivers an agile workforce, improves operational performance, expands profitability and propels top-line growth for our clients. We enable your people to participate in change.