What if you could increase your productivity by 11% to accelerate top-line growth?

With Proudfoot, you can.


A MAJOR FOOD INDUSTRY BRAND started business in Germany more than a century ago. Today, though still family owned, it is a £2.1bn, multinational producer of dairy products with more than 5,000 employees.

Expanding business to the UK, they quickly became the leader in the very competitive local market. However, after almost a year without a CEO, a leadership gap was taking its toll.

Sales were flat in a growing market, margins were under pressure and operating overheads had risen dramatically. Cost cutting measures delivered only fleeting success because the necessary process and culture changes were missing.

The arrival of a new CEO prompted corrective action and a review of all operations. The mantra - get back on the right track to retain and consolidate their strong market share.


Working together with Proudfoot, the team:


Equipped team leaders and operational managers with the tools required to secure behavioral change.


Informed and engaged employees on business strategy, threats and opportunities faced and how all parts of the business operate together in the supply chain.


Conveyed individual roles using visual simulation tools. Aligned to the full plan helping each individual see everything fits together in the big picture.


Coached supervisors in the art of ‘active supervision’ to help them anticipate and tackle problems.


Reduced waste in ingredients, packaging and final products.


Installed a special Information-Communication Exchange (ICE) Room to help management visualise and better control performance.


Improved processes on the supply chain side of the business – especially in the procurement process and how ingredients were stored and transported.


Unified all work activity within a Management Operating System (MOS) to have one common management system for forecasting, planning, measurement and reporting.

“What stood out was Proudfoot’s absolute commitment to ensuring the changes recommended not only happened but were sustained.”

Client CEO


  • 11% increase in productivity
  • 3% reduction in energy costs realized rapidly and improved further to 25% in savings
  • 40% reduction of overfill
  • £3.5M savings in procurement
  • 750 employees engaged in behaviorial change program
  • 80 ‘quick win’ improvement ideas generated via company-wide brainstorm including 17 that were low-cost and easy to implement.
  • Lower overtime costs using a new masterschedule tool.
  • New internet-based bidding process for procurement.

“We’ve been able to create a kind of ‘virtuous circle’ for continuous improvement through this project.”

Client Leader