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What if you could increase your productivity by 23%?

With Proudfoot, you can.


A LEADING EUROPEAN FRESH FOODS PRODUCER had experienced sustained growth since its establishment as a family owned business twenty years previously.

Executive management had delivered impressive growth through organic expansion and acquisition, growing turnover to EUR €300m with 15 sales offices and five manufacturing and packaging plants across three countries.

Operating in a fiercely competitive market, the company had started to lose market share, reducing its EBIT. Internal operating issues were surfacing, threatening profitability and restricting growth.

The company’s president turned to Proudfoot to increase sales, restore profitability and strengthen the company’s foundations.

Leadership played a key role in sponsoring the initiative and communicating plant-wide progress, successes and updates.


Working together with Proudfoot, the team:


Overhauled production processes and set SKU parameters for each machine.


Established yield targets based on the raw material quality, with tools to minimize waste per shift, day and zone.


Installed preventative maintenance routines to reduce unnecessary downtime.


Developed tools to provide greater visibility over essential production parameters.


Introduced white boards across the shop floor to record essential KPIs such as OEE, yield, waste and productivity.


Established a central control room, where production and maintenance held daily planning meetings.


Trained employees through a combination of classroom and practical on-the-floor training to reinforce the right behaviors.


Conducted extensive sales coaching for the sales team.

“Results were quick to come by at the operating level. These results helped maintain a positive momentum and contributed to the delivery of more profound and long-lasting change.”

Plant Manager


  • 15% increase in productivity
  • 7% increase in machine efficiency
  • 7% increase in sales margin
  • The organizational structure was streamlined and roles and responsibilities clarified to reduce fixed costs by between 15 to 25%.
  • The new ways of working made employees more efficient and, within six months, productivity was higher across the value chain.
  • Variable cost reduction targets were surpassed with raw material yield increasing from 60% to 70% and labor and machine efficiency by 20%.
  • Margins improved as a result of increased sales visits and a greater focus on the more profitable product lines.
  • The project made a lasting impact and the company was now operating from a stronger platform, positioned better for future growth.

“Several months after the completion of the project, we still see measurable results and the sustainable value of this mission.”