What if you could advance your existing cost reduction effort, maximize the utilization of resources and reduce the need for additional capital expenditures?

With Proudfoot, you can.


THE CEO OF A MEAT PROCESSING COMPANY was determined to improve the efficiency of plant operations. He met with key members of his staff to determine what could be done.

It became apparent that the recent drop in overall productivity was due to high turnover and a lack of skilled resources. Some employees felt they were in a “rut” – not knowing how to perform routine tasks more efficiently. Despite their efforts to meet production requirements, they were underperforming and the team was determined to improve results.

One of the biggest impediments was the organizational structure which operated in silos, with very little communication taking place between departments.

Proudfoot was engaged for an operations and organizational transformation that included:

  • Change management deployment and skills development in all critical plant positions.
  • Installation of a continuous improvement platform of high product performance output with lower unit variable cost production through increased product volume.


Working together with Proudfoot, the client team:


Aligned behaviors with new forecasting and scheduling tools to increase output in the client’s main plants.


Supervisory workshops equipped team leaders with active management skills to improve employee productivity.


One-on-one coaching for employees aligned behaviors with operating techniques and tools that would facilitate the order fulfillment process.


Innovative educational methods, such as the “meat cam,” gave employees the opportunity to learn and apply best practices to everyday tasks.


Weekly performance meetings fostered a team environment, giving all departments a forum to share valuable information.


New employee onboarding program provided training to new employees.

“The results are there. We can see it on the P&L.”

Plant Manager


  • 16% increase in average pounds produced
  • 7% increase in average run-time efficiency
  • Weekly performance review meetings created a sense of accountability across all levels of the organization.
  • Silos that once defined the organizational structure were eliminated as a result of communications meetings and visual management boards.
  • The employee turnover rate dropped significantly due to an on-boarding assessment and training programs that acclimated people to their new work environment and empowered them to perform.
  • Short interval controls reinforced behaviors that would speed up the order fulfillment process.

“Before we started the project, only a handful of supervisors would show up at the hand-over meeting. Now all supervisors and leads are there and everybody knows the game plan.”

Plant Manager