Rapid Analytics

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More than halfway through the year and need to recover fast? Is your company..

  • Loosing margin?
  • Needing to cut cost?
  • Requiring more revenue to meet budget?
  • At a plateau operationally or financially?

With an on-the-ground diagnostic analysis, Proudfoot Analytics is able to help your business identify hidden value and implement a full strategy

  • Benefit from the knowledge of more than 10,000 operational assessments and business improvement roadmap designs for recovery
  • Get a clear picture of the status of your business: from where your costs opportunities are to cultural readiness for change
  • Obtain an articulate and detailed operational improvement strategy
  • In just 2-3 weeks depending on scope
Rapid Analytics Toolbox
Unlocking your company’s operational potential:

Enterprise Aerial Mapping


Engaging your people to understand the entire business and innovate


Rapid Data Analytics


Leveraging data to understand your company's operational performance and improve decisions


Proprietary Diagnostic Tools and Surveys


Getting the pulse of your whole organization


World Class Management Operating System (MOS) Maturity Gap Analysis


Understanding the gaps to world class in your management ecosystem

Getting results

Read how Proudfoot helped a global business recover their EBIDTA by generating a 12.8% impact in just 15 weeks:

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To learn more about our results go to our Real-Time Scorecard:

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