#HeadsUP - A Proudfoot Global Initiative

Creating a movement of highly engaged people, doing great work, safely, and achieving extraordinary results.  Isn’t that what you want from your teams?


What if you could…Create a movement where people routinely engage in the world around them, leveraging their technology and data, to better connect with better outcomes. With #HeadsUP, you can. Why not make a nomination using our big #HeadsUP button below?

HeadsUp registration link  

#HeadsUp is Our Global Initiative...

created by Proudfoot collaboratively with our colleagues, business partners and friends.  It encourages people to connect and create amazing workplaces of highly engaged people, doing awesome work safely, to achieve extraordinary results. 

We’ve enabled...
More than 1 million leaders
In 30+ industries across 100+ countries
Through Active Management sessions teaching them to become #HeadsUP leaders


The #HeadsUP Movement
#The Future of Business is (still) people

How to create your #HeadsUP movement

 Make a pledge (to yourself) to be #HeadsUP and help create a safe, engaging workplace that ignites energy and enthusiasm for people to bring their best selves to work and achieve results.

  • Download the #HeadsUP logo here and use it for banners, T-Shirts, caps to get other people to take the pledge – take photos and post them
  • Practice HeadsUP daily: take the 30-day challenge and make a conscious effort to routinely connect in the real world – 30% of your day of pure #HeadsUP
  • Join our #HeadsUP community: share your experiences, photos and stories of building a #HeadsUp world
  • Call us, be in touch to help build #HeadsUP: we would love to collaborate with you and your teams and company on #HeadsUP
Humanize, Optimize, Digitize
What if you could.. with #HeadsUP, you can