#HeadsUp - A Proudfoot Global Initiative 

Creating a movement of highly engaged people, doing great work, safely, and achieving extraordinary results.  Isn’t that what you want from your teams?


What if you could…Create a movement where people routinely engage in the world around them, leveraging their technology and data, to better connect, for better outcomes. With Heads Up, you can. 

HeadsUp Logo 2 

#HeadsUp is Our Global Initiative

#HeadsUp is a global initiative to encourage people to better connect to create better workplaces: safer, more productive and more enjoyable for teams and colleagues at work; for businesses and industries; even for friends, families, and communities; perhaps whole cities and economies;

Today, Proudfoot is committed to shining a light on the need for all of us to lift our #HeadsUp and engage, while also bringing new language, new skills and new approaches to how you manage your business and lead people.  


The #HeadsUp Movement

#HeadsUp: It’s safer, it’s people friendly, it enables results to be achieved and we know it helps you make your workplace a better place to work. A workplace that engages and enables people to bring their best selves to work and create better businesses filled with energy. 

#HeadsUp: It produces happier, healthier workplaces. Being present at work, really communicating and collaborating with people, makes work more engaging for everyone.

#HeadsUp: Developing Leaders at every level: When you practice #HeadsUp you earn something Proudfoot calls, a Leadership Social License to Operate no matter your job.

#HeadsUp Leaders

Proudfoot has always encouraged people at every level to become active managers.  Today, we see this as an even greater need, but in a more meaningful way. The aspiration is to create leaders at every level.   

We’ve touched more than 1 million leaders, in 30+ industries across 100+ countries, through our Active Management sessions. It’s time to change the language of Active Management to #HeadsUp Leaders.

In the past it was about how managers, supervisors and team leaders planned, assigned and followed up on work.  Giving direction and people reporting back. That was for a different world of work. Today, we see it as how you create leaders at every level whom can influence peers and teams, do great work, are change capable and always looking to improve.  

#HeadsUp: Active management asks front line teams, their leaders, supervisors, managers and peers to engage with the people around them, to achieve results through one another’s decisions, influence and actions.

The Challenge to Engage

In today’s world of work, we know engagement levels are still disappointingly low.  We seem to be failing each other in the challenge to bring our best selves to work and then, go the extra mile to deliver great work.

We know great things happen at the intersection of people and technology. When the two combine performance multipliers occur. Technology, when used well, can enable people to better engage. If you take the leap to #HeadsUp.

So what if you could trigger engagement and enable your people to achieve the results you want AND inspire them to do great work?  

The future of business is (still) people

  • #HeadsUp workplaces achieve performance goals, are safe and productive and produce quality work
  • #Headsup leaders cause conversations that spark creativity and innovation to constantly improve
  • #HeadsUp people are talent magnets, they lend their time and provide opportunity to others – the opportunity to speak up, step up and grow
  • #HeadsUp: You earn the respect of your colleagues, your peers and your teams. You make work people friendly.

Create your #HeadsUp Movement

  • Make a pledge (to yourself) to be #HeadsUp and help create a safe, engaging workplace that ignites energy and enthusiasm for people to bring their best selves to work and achieve results
  • Download the #HeadsUp logo here and use it for banners, T-Shirts, caps to get other people to take the pledge – take photos and post them
  • Practice HeadsUp daily: take the 30-day challenge and make a conscious effort to routinely connect in the real world – 30% of your day of pure #HeadsUP
  • Join our #HeadsUp community – and share your experiences, photos and stories of building a #HeadsUp world