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Ready, aim, fire: How to enable creativity and innovation in our organisations

As a consultancy with more than 75 years of experience helping companies drive operational transformation through people, we have learned a thing or two about the need to innovate. Innovation plays a critical role in sustaining and maintaining operational improvements particularly after the transformation is embedded into the organisation.

Creativity needs structure: How to make brainstorming sessions a whole lot more effective

We’ve all experienced brainstorming sessions: a group of people put together often for political reason sits passively listening to a moderator tasking you to “Get creative!” or “Think outside the box!” and cheerfully reminds you that “There are no bad ideas!”

A problem shared: How trading a challenging problem with someone else can help deliver a solution

Ever come up with a great idea for someone else, but find yourself stymied by your own problem. Sometimes it’s easier to come up with a great idea for someone else than it is to solve your own issue.

Idea in brief: Creating distance encourages a more abstract and creative approach to problem solving.

Progress equals engagement: How noticing progress drives employee engagement

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organisation and its goals resulting in positive action on behalf of the employee to support its reputation and concerns. 

Idea in brief: Small and seemingly inconsequential interactions have a huge impact on how employees experience their work. Noticing progress is critically important to their engagement.

How involving people in decisions which impact them delivers huge commitment

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman in his book ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ reported on an experiment in which half the participants were randomly assigned a lottery number. The remaining half were given a blank piece of paper and a pen and asked to write down any number they would like as their lottery number. Just before drawing the winning number, the researchers offered to buy back the tickets.

Idea in brief: When we allow individuals to choose for themselves we are much more committed to the end result.

People and change: How to design an inclusive and consultative change process based on a psychological understanding of people’s needs.

Diogenes was one of the first to recognize that change is the only constant in our lives and we better get used to it. Digging your head in the sand and hoping that change won’t come is foolish and a waste of time.  We know from our experience of leading transformation change projects that understanding people’s response to change is critical to a project’s success.

Idea in brief: An understanding of how people respond to change should inform any and every transformation process.