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What's the true cost of contamination? Solving the people challenge of QA

Apr 25, 2019  |  Phil Alessi  |  throughput, quality assurance | 0 Comments

The recent 5-day closure of the world’s largest hazelnut spread factory due to quality issues highlights one of the key risks facing food and beverage companies. Considering that normal production at the affected plant is 600,000 jars a day, the shutdown serves as a very costly reminder for food processing companies to stay vigilant when it comes to quality.

It’s not only about the revenue impact, which is significant at upwards of $2M dollars. Even more damaging is the impact on brand image.

The problem isn’t theirs alone. It underscores a dilemma for food and beverage processors across the globe. Do you have a button-down QA process that catches risks before they become major issues, and before they reach your customer?