How can my operations be more consistent?


Recently, a CEO asked us why his attempts to replicate the success of his top performing site in other locations were not working. Product and processes were mostly the same, so what was preventing this from happening? In our experience, this doesn’t only happen between sites, but also between departments, or even shifts. The reality is that the mix of processes, people and systems do not always produce the same results.

So, how could all of his plant locations and functions become more consistent? Taking the strengths of his leading site and replicating them across multiple sites seemed simple enough. However, he soon realized that developing and replicating a consistent framework of operations would be no small feat.

The processes may be the same; however, underlying aspects can lead to variances in desired output. In order to overcome this problem, an effective blueprint of operations should also include the following:

• Understanding potential silos of activity and their interactions
• Reviewing internal service level agreements
• Making sure supervisors have the right skills to identify and drive the right behaviors
• Measuring workplace efficiency to keep time and costs in check
• Training employees to break old habits
• Communicating effectively
• Bridging the knowledge gap between new talent and senior leaders
• Developing employee and supervisory skills at every level

• Solving problems proactively
• Managing assertively within the workforce

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