Pharmaceuticals: The rules of engagement have changed

pharma-sales11Due to the influx of patients caused by health care reform, doctors barely have enough time to see patients let alone pharmaceutical sales reps. Since the chances of spending quality time in front of a doctor are now few and far between, it is becoming harder for pharmaceutical companies to justify the high costs associated with training and maintaining a sales force. It is because of this trend that sales organizations are starting to reconsider traditional methods that were once considered the status quo.

In a recent survey, 25% percent of doctors said they no longer meet with sales reps(1). This is a devastating blow to the traditional sales model that exists for pharmaceutical companies. The rules of engagement have changed, so how do you measure the effectiveness of your sales reps? Pharma companies should consider the following questions:

  • What is the true ROI of your sales force?
  • Are your marketing materials sending the right message to the right audience?
  • Can your processes adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry?
  • Are your resources properly allocated and aligned to neutralize the effects of healthcare reform?

Read our Executive Brief to learn how an unbiased assessment of your selling infrastructure can reveal the answers to these questions.

(1) Pharma scales back drug samples to physician offices, O'Reilly.


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