A thriving ecosystem for change

Jan 16, 2015  |  Branco Kuznar  |  people, behavior, leadership, change, fish, pond | 0 Comments

2-Pam2Achieving significant improvement in financial and operational results requires the following elements that promote organizational change:

  • A roadmap that leads the way
  • A multi-faceted improvement methodology
  • Engaging people in behavioral change to lead and reinforce efforts

If we focus on point three, the reasons change programs do not achieve the desired results are: people fail to see the initial need for change, fail to take action on the required change, and fail to cross the finish line (i.e. they do not have the ability to follow through).

Moving on to point two, think of a fish in a pond as an example. You cannot take a fish out of a polluted pond, clean it, then put it back in the same polluted pond expecting it to live a better life. It is also not possible to clean up the pond without addressing the needs of the fish. The entire ecosystem needs to be improved in order for the fish to thrive, including the pond, the fish, and elements that impact the pond (food, air, other fish, etc.)

2 Pam2The function of our People Solutions Practice is to create a healthy balance between the pond and the fish. It creates a positive synergy between people and their work environment, aligning both in a way that adds incredible impact to an already powerful delivery approach.





You can learn more in our recently launched People Solutions site.

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