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022615Revenue-Shortfalls-CMP-BLOG-BANNERMost sales organizations consistently fall short

A common problem among CEOs is sales organizations that overpromise and underdeliver. Our past experience shows that executives often struggle to transform their sales force into a high-performing, customer-centric team. One mistake we typically see is the tendency for executives to depend heavily on a select few top-performers to carry the sales load.

Even with specialized training, there is no guarantee the nominal performers will pick up the slack. Our data shows the same 20% of top performers generating at least two-thirds or more of sales revenue post-training. The reason being is that most training programs focus on theory instead of skill development and transfer. It ultimately results in disappointment and frustration for the executive when pre-training financial projections never materialize.

Our Global Advisory Board, comprised of some of the world's most admired and well-respected senior executives, discuss how the sales organization holds the keys to organic growth.



revenue shortfalls

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