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What if you could transform your contact center and increase calls-per-hour by 23%?

For many businesses, improving contact center performance and efficiency represents one of the fastest ways to achieve significant cost savings and revenue growth. Crucial to the success of every contact center is creating a healthy balance between outstanding customer service, employee satisfaction, and cost efficiency. Accomplishing all three of these goals in the most efficient way possible can seem like a big challenge, but it’s an even bigger opportunity to maximize your return on investment in this critical function.

So how do you enable your contact center to deliver better results at a lower cost?

Proudfoot’s Contact Center Opportunity Analysis shows you your contact center from all perspectives, giving you a granular view of inefficiencies and opportunities across all facets of your operation. We pinpoint exactly where resources can be optimized to drive revenue at a lower cost, helping you achieve a new level of budgeting precision and charting a course for sustainable improvement. 

But Proudfoot doesn’t only give you systems and tools to improve visibility and controls. We also address the human factors that lie at the heart of contact center challenges to improve productivity. By engaging your people and establishing a new behavior model you can enable them to make the right decisions to deliver better results at a lower cost.

With this approach Proudfoot helps our clients go beyond mere “belt-tightening” or “doing more with less” to achieve substantial savings while laying the best foundation for future success and growth.
  Results from Proudfoot Contact
  Center Transformations
  • 23% improvement in calls-per-hour
  • 45% improved productivity
  • 20% improved service levels
  • 25% reduced operating expenses
  • 48% increased average revenue per call
  • Significantly reduced after-call work
  • 184 contact center projects worldwide

Request a Contact Center Opportunity Analysis

Contact Managing Director of Industrials, Dennis Santare to initiate a three-week sprint analysis. Proudfoot will quickly identify your biggest opportunities to improve contact center performance through a sequence of focused actions:

• Get a granular view of contact center costs, options, and trade-offs
• Uncover ways to reduce your contact center costs by 30% or more
• Enhance customer relationship management, retention, and more
• Install improved processes and management operating systems
• Upgrade skills of management, front-line supervisors, and agents
• Optimize sales processes, targeting, and sales call-quality

Call 516-376-3854 or email for details.

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