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Consumer Goods: What your C-suite peers are doing to tackle their top 5 challenges

what consumer goods c-suite executives are saying

Around the world, Proudfoot executives engage weekly with leading Chief Executives to share views on challenges impacting their business.

We collect and analyze this data for firsthand insight into business conditions companies are currently experiencing, and the approaches and initiatives they are pursuing as they respond to these conditions.


Top five challenges for 2016

Growth concerns, both organic and through acquisition, have surpassed cost concerns for the first time in three years. Talent challenges such as turnover, skills development and availability are rapidly becoming more important.


FMCG c-suite peer top challenges



How is the C-suite primarily responding to these common challenges?   

FMCG c-suite peer key initiatives



What initiatives are companies utilizing to address these challenges?

Not a lot of variation since last year. Focus is on EFFICIENCY followed by strategies to GROW REVENUES, such as innovation, sales effectiveness, and better pricing strategies. Interesting to note is how rapidly asset utilization has gone up in the ranking this year. These assets include productivity of people, processes, machinery, materials, and tools.

FMCG c-suite peer top initiatives



What we are hearing from industry peers

FMCG c-suite peer CEO quotes



Do we see these tendencies globally?

While we see developed and emerging markets focusing primarily on efficiency initiatives, it's interesting to see how our rankings differ.


FMCG c-suite peer emerging versus developed markets



Introducing the Proudfoot C-Suite Peer REPORT

To help shed light on the answers to these questions and others, Proudfoot market and account leaders around the globe interact weekly with C-level Executives from large and mid-market companies to discuss major issues, trends, and drivers and to share insights.

Proudfoot’s new C-Suite Peer Review integrates research, facts, ideas, and provocative questions as an exploration into the growth pursuit and represents an ongoing dialogue we’re having across our client base and the industry. The Review series captures and communicates knowledge and experience from our ongoing engagements in the sector, and integrates insights gained from our immersion in industry forums and research.


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