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Realizing the Full Benefits of your IT Investment - A Case Study

After spending $30 million and four years trying to introduce a major new IT system, this large medical provider was running out of ideas to make it work. Proudfoot helped the insurer get back on track by engaging people in the process of digitization.  

We started by working closely with the client’s employees at every level and across all functions. An early priority was to conduct a digital readiness assessment. Its aim was to better understand the situation prior to intervention. 

Over a hundred quick-win opportunities were soon identified via the assessment. Importantly, these initial findings were not IT fixes, but capability, skills, or behavior-related. Around a quarter of these would soon save the client hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Armed with this insight, Proudfoot then engaged more than 400 employees to break down silos and remove barriers across the company. User workshops helped develop appropriate KPI’s to monitor success. Daily ‘huddles’ ensured all of the new system users were involved and contributing. A joint Proudfoot and client team trained, coached, and guided at every step to develop our clients people capabilities.  

From our client’s perspective, the results were exponential. Barriers between business functions seemingly melted away. “I saw the behavior of my people change before my very eyes,” the client noted. 

Breaking down those barriers eventually allowed us to spot several improvement opportunities unrelated to the immediate project. 

We soon found that the company had 146 projects with no order of priority. They were mostly IT-related and represented millions of dollars in capital expenditure. 

To address this need, we coached senior executives across the business, upskilling them to better prioritize projects 

“Proudfoot has restored our confidence in using consultants. They would definitely be one of my top recommendations.” – Client Vice-President 

By mid-2018, our work with this company was still not quite finished. We were asked to jointly-develop a Centre of Excellence on Transformation to make the client management team self-supporting.  

Since October 2018, our client has been capable of making effective, people-driven change happen without us. Our consultants may now be gone but they have left a legacy of benefits that will continue to add value long into the future. 

Click here to read the full storyand learn more about how we were able to work with this client to develop and coach over 400 people, fully integrate their IT team, and deliver over $18M in financial benefits. 


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