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Global Cement Magazine on operational transformation in the global cement industry

MACLEAN-GLOBAL-CEMENT-1.jpgProducers, whether big or small, are trying to become leaner. Angus Maclean, VP at Proudfoot, explains how cement producers achieve cost reductions of 5 USD/ton.

After many years of volatility, the cement industry is looking for stabilization in their processes and profitability. In doing so, more and more companies are tapping Proudfoot to help them transform their operations and deploy innovative strategies for growth.

Global Cement Magazine, a leading voice in the cement industry, recently sat down with Angus Maclean, Proudfoot’s Executive Vice President for Client Delivery, Europe, to discuss industry trends and Proudfoot insights.

cement-mag-2.jpg“Before the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, we worked with various types of cement producers all over the world. However, since margins have become squeezed we have seen an increase in demand for our services. This makes sense considering that we offer long-term savings for minimal investment. All producers, whether big or small, are trying to become leaner,” Angus stated in response to Peter Edward’s question about the types and sizes of cement companies seeking out Proudfoot.

To learn more about Proudfoot’s cement industry insights, check out: 'Achieving substantial gains through operational transformation at low capital expenditure' - published online in the December issue of Global Cement Magazine.



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