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Beyond low-hanging fruit: How to reach the next level of productivity

Most manufacturers⁠—even successful ones⁠—aren’t seeing anywhere near the levels of productivity that their operations are capable of. It’s not for lack of trying; when embarking on a continuous improvement journey to drive excellence in productivity, manufacturers often experience steady progress in the beginning but eventually run into a wall. After all the quick wins have been exhausted, it can become increasingly difficult to capture substantial productivity gains as the project progresses.

How do you go beyond low-hanging fruit to reach that next level of productivity?

The results from implementing a continuous improvement program can diminish over time for a number of reasons.


Issues like these lead many companies to spend a lot of money on continuous improvement without realizing they are going in circles.

Proudfoot’s Continuous Improvement Assessment helps our clients add the missing piece to their continuous improvement program and take the next step toward reaching the true potential of their operations. We provide you and your teams with the capability to identify the root cause of productivity challenges and implement the right course of action so you can stop chasing symptoms and attack problems at the source.

Most importantly, Proudfoot gives you visibility of the human factors that impact productivity. We engage your people to transform behaviors and achieve sustainable improvements in results.

Request a Continuous Improvement Assessment

Contact Proudfoot’s Managing Director of Industrials, Dennis Santare, to initiate a three-week 360-degree assessment and elevate your continuous improvement program to world-class standards. Shift from underperformance to operational excellence through a sequence of focused actions:

• Establish a structured process to consistently identify the root cause of issues and the right course of action

• Enhance data capture and analysis systems to ensure process intervention is truly driving improvement

• Put effective control plans in place so workers know how to react to issues to ensure results are maintained

• Gain visibility of human factors impacting productivity and a management framework to drive improvement

• Engage your people to transform behaviors and drive sustainable productivity increases of 20% or more

Call 516-376-3854 or email for more details.

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