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Lost time a real problem according to Proudfoot Advisory Board

Jul 10, 2015  |  Mark Gravett  |  advisors, efficiency | 1 Comment


The issue of poor time management does not discriminate – affecting all industries and facets of a business. It can be a real eye-opener for executives when examined from a cost perspective, but it also presents a tremendous opportunity for improvement.

In a recent meeting with our advisory board, there was a lively discussion surrounding the issue of lost time in the workplace. Here are some of the comments that were made in response to the issue of lost time:

Bob Lutz, former Vice Chairman of General Motors Corporation said there is a “critical need for better cross-organizational information flow to prevent ‘silos’ from working in harmful isolation.”

Ray Wilcox, former CEO of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company stressed the importance of meeting effectiveness. “Increasing meeting effectiveness may be one of the most overlooked responsibilities a leader has, yet it is one of the most important,” he said.

Brand Pretorious, former CEO of McCarthy Holdings said effective time management starts at the top. "The leader should ensure that time invested in directing, planning, coordinating, organizing, controlling and cultivating quality relationships delivers a good return to shareholders," he said.

To see what other C-level executives had to say about the issue of time management, click here.


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