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Managing the Complexities of Oyu Tolgoi

Oyu Tolgoi, a $5.5 billion project managed by Rio Tinto, will become one of the largest underground mines in the world with the potential to supply copper for up to 100 years.

Their Senior Leadership Team quickly realized its existing project management systems were not suitable for safely governing the interactions of the multitude of functions and processes necessary.

In 2016, after a global review of potential partners and solutions, Proudfoot was awarded the project after presenting a comprehensive culture and management system delivered through a training approach based on behaviors as opposed to technology.

As a result, Proudfoot needed to create and implement a bespoke management control system (MCS) to manage the overall project and to plan work across all silos in an integrated way, supported by a management operating system (MOS).

The tools, communication, commitment meetings, and behaviors are used to manage constraints across various planning horizons and enable people and processes to deliver results. The systems would work in conjunction with a project-wide integrated planning process (IPP).

There were several challenges to address as the project developed. An approach was created to identify, adjust, and improve them. Please read the full article to learn more about the outcomes and results.

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