Beyond waste removal and cost reduction - three key elements of Proudfoot’s redefined Lean


ebook-on-ipad-1-1.pngYes, we agree that Lean, Six-Sigma and TQM have served the industry well.

For decades, these approaches have helped companies save millions. But in order to succeed in the decades to come, a new approach is needed to meet the new challenge – sustainable growth. For many, growth has been a top priority, yet this core driver is typically not part of the mix in traditional lean thinking.


Three key elements of Proudfoot’s new 21st century approach to Lean

  1. Behavior-focused approach emphasizing people and management systems vs. just taking a process focus.
  2. Growth contribution across the entire organization; recognizing the impact on the customer experience (Cx).
  3. Operational excellence

The leaders of the 21st century are going beyond holistic operational improvement strategy, beyond people, processes and management systems, and transforming “lean” to a “lean forward” approach – a behavior-focused Proudfoot approach that makes change sustainable to drive growth.






Centered around people

A behavior-focused approach is about people and helping the organization’s employees modify the way they feel and think about their jobs by aligning attitudes and behaviors with the system and process changes, and the overall direction of the company.

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We believe Lean needs a new definition

Lean needs a new focus. A 21st century definition that builds on the foundational principles and practices of the 20th century and puts Lean into a new lens focused on growth.

We redefined Lean as “Lean Forward.” Download Chapter 1: Lean Forward

Proudfoot - Chapter 1: Lean Forward - Manufacturing-FMCG-Automotive (Download Now)



We also invite you to explore our three C-Suite Peer Snapshots below to learn more about what we are hearing from your peers, seeing through our project delivery efforts as well as the trends impacting your industry.





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