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Our resolution for 2016: to deliver even more value to our clients


Let's face it, 2016 doesn't look any easier. With the stock market in turmoil and oil prices plummeting, it is safe to assume global CEOs in almost every industry will face a daunting combination of external fiscal pressures, competitive forces, misguided strategies, ineffective business plans and lackluster improvement efforts. In the aftermath of this perfect storm, companies will struggle to reach their goals. 

In some instances, the realities of excess costs, shrinking margins and stagnant revenues are quite obvious. Others, such as slow revenue growth, increased competition from foreign companies, and declining market share are more subtle. Over the course of seven decades and thousands of successful client engagements, our findings show one resounding commonality – companies that do not dissect problems down to their root cause are much more likely to squander any potential competitive advantage, miss financial targets, and fail to deliver targeted profits and value to shareholders.

While there is no single solution to the many challenges companies face, we find that inadequate systems, inefficient processes and misaligned employee behaviors are some of the underlying characteristics of companies that fail to execute important strategies and initiatives. We have developed an approach that is unique – embedding ourselves within a company’s operations to uncover issues that are hard to detect. We also address root causes that limit an organization’s ability to reach its full potential.

So what is our resolution all about? It means we are working even harder to help our clients reach unprecedented heights by increasing our subject matter expertise, retaining the best people and perfecting our unique approach

Our comprehensive solution is designed to address each company’s unique needs while leveraging its strengths. Our approach involves three critical components: people, processes and management tools.

People: We use methods that empower and educate employees at all levels of an organization.

Streamlined Processes: Designed to eliminate bottlenecks and advocate standardization so vital operational components run smoothly and efficiently.

Tools: Provide greater visibility into daily operations, enabling management teams to make more informed and timely decisions that increase productivity and reduce risk.   

For 70 years, the Proudfoot approach has applied discipline to execution in a way that ultimately differentiates the results our clients experience from what they could achieve on their own. We take great pride in giving management teams the ability to overcome operational hurdles and achieve sustainable organizational improvements that generate significant financial results.


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