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Five levels of energy cost management

Apr 30, 2015  |  Mark Gravett  |  energy | 0 Comments

Energy can be a huge source of savings, or a financial burden depending on how a business is run. There are many variables that determine how energy efficient an organization can be. Is there an energy policy in place? Is energy use and planning discussed in meetings? What percentage of the operating budget is energy? These are all questions executives can use to self-evaluate their organization.

Unsafe operations to blame for recent spike in fatalities

Safety nowadays is just as relevant in the oil and gas industry as it was 10 years ago. And, while the industry continues to make great strides to reduce the amount of job-related injuries, the reality is the same safety policies and procedures that have been in place for years are simply not enough to prevent fatalities. Based on our depth of experience working with oil and gas executives,

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