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Lending a helping hand to the community

May 07, 2015  |  Branco Kuznar  |  news, community | 0 Comments

On April 17, Alexander Proudfoot set out to lend a helping hand in the community. In conjunction with the United Way, the team spent the day at Senior Connections – a resource center for senior citizens.

Manufacturers nationwide focusing on jobs, skilled workers

With January's job numbers to be released soon by the Labor Department, economist are expecting to see the economy improve by the unemployment rate dropping again. Presently, the jobless rate in the United States is 5.6 percent, an eight-year low.

One of Proudfoot's own featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle

Feb 04, 2015  |  Branco Kuznar  |  news | 0 Comments

Congratulations to Joni House for being featured in this week's Atlanta Business Chronicle. The article "House takes a leap with career, life" is in the People on the Move section and highlights House's perseverance over the years; overcoming her personal fears to find her true calling -- helping others. In addition to the variety of business challenges she faces every day,

How manufacturers can get their workers more engaged

Many workers in the manufacturing sector don't really care about what their company's mission is, suggesting that employees aren't engaged as they ought to be.

Proudfoot highlights "glocalization" at recent Latin American conference

Nov192014_Business-Forum-BLOG-BANNERAlexander Proudfoot recently had the pleasure of participating in this year's "Being Global" conference in Santiago, Chile. It proved to be an outstanding forum for Latin America's emerging business community to learn how to establish a global presence through the effective management of profitability, growth and leadership.

Proudfoot Advisory Board member receives award

Oct 13, 2014  |  Mark Gravett  |  advisors, people, leadership, awards, news, sales | 0 Comments

Alexander Proudfoot would like to congratulate one of its Advisory Board members, Ozires Silva for winning the Personality of the Year Award from the Sales and Marketing Leaders of Brazil Association (ADVB). 

Supply chain can effectively impact working capital

International Foundry Forum, Venice, September 2014

Alexander Proudfoot’s Head of Global Supply Chain, Jaymie Forrest was a keynote speaker at the International Foundry Forum’s annual trade summit on the 26-27th September 2014 in Venice, Italy.

Proudfoot runs, walks for a worthy cause

KP-Run-Walk-BannerLast week, Alexander Proudfoot had the privilege of participating in this year's Kaiser Permanente Corporate 5K Run/Walk and Fitness Program. Approximately 80 employees from Proudfoot and its sister company, Kurt Salmon, participated in the event.

Natural Resources Summit, London, September 8th 2014

Sep 14, 2014  |  Branco Kuznar  |  london, news, mining, summit | 0 Comments

Our Natural Resources Practice recently hosted a Summit Meeting in London that culminated in a dinner with guest speakers Jim Gowans, Co-President of Barrick Gold and Steve Mueller, President and CEO Southwestern Energy. With natural resource extraction undergoing a fundamental transformation,

Will falling trade revenue break the bank?

Many major banks are suffering declines in trading revenue amid an environment of tranquil markets and stringent regulations.

Mining sector seeks solutions from other industries

Jul 31, 2014  |  Branco Kuznar  |  news, change, mining | 0 Comments

Mining firms must transform in order to survive and they have begun to take inspiration from factory floors.

Through cost-cutting exercises or point solutions many companies have sacrificed productivity in exchange for growth and revenue, and the result hasn't been ideal,

Broad changes needed for mining and metals companies

Jul 31, 2014  |  Branco Kuznar  |  news, change, mining, productivity | 0 Comments
Productivity is the most significant business risk facing mining and metals companies today, according to a recent EY report.

Health care: Efficient operations are vital

Every year hospitals waste millions of dollars on misused or overused items, such as disposables, general supplies, laundry, uniforms and food. Changing a wasteful culture starts with identifying and correcting processes that that are detrimental to the inventory management process. However, this type of change is easier said than done. It is often difficult for hospital executives to implement a new framework of operations on every floor – they neither have the time nor the resources to execute a plan of this size and scope.

Giving back to those who served

Jun 19, 2014  |  Mark Gravett  |  people, leadership, news | 0 Comments

Recently, members of the Alexander Proudfoot North American team had the privilege of working with the United Way of Greater Atlanta to assist homeless veterans living in Atlanta. The joint team's objective was to assemble "welcome home" kits for local vets in the process of moving into transitional housing. It was an extremely rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Global mining firms ran into major difficulties in 2013, says PwC report

Jun 10, 2014  |  Branco Kuznar  |  news | 0 Comments

Mining and metals firms across the world suffered some serious challenges in 2013, according to an industry report recently released by global professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Mining investors demand sustainable cost reductions, PwC says

Jun 06, 2014  |  Branco Kuznar  |  news | 0 Comments

Investors are demanding the world’s biggest mining companies produce sustainable cost reductions and not just defer spending after the industry’s profit fell to the lowest in a decade, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP said.

Hostile M&A jumps to its highest percentage since the financial crisis

Jun 06, 2014  |  Branco Kuznar  |  news | 0 Comments

In a move that signals more companies are comfortable taking on more risk in order to expand their operations, corporations are engaging in hostile mergers and acquisitions activity at the highest rate since the recession.

UK productivity among the best in G7 companies, study shows

Jun 06, 2014  |  Branco Kuznar  |  news | 0 Comments

Group Seven countries, which include the world's leading economies outside the U.S., are often lauded for their productivity ratings, and according to one new study, the UK is running in the middle of the pack.

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