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Mitigating the inherent risks of a global talent shortage

May 24, 2016  |  Mark Gravett  |  risk, behavior, talent | 0 Comments

With stagnant demand across many developed economies and increasing uncertainty in emerging markets, CEOs are under pressure to execute an effective growth strategy.

Banking: A healthy balance between customer service and employee satisfaction


Critical to the success of every bank is creating a healthy balance between outstanding customer service and employee satisfaction. Establishing a customer-first mentality starts with developing a framework of processes, systems and behaviors that support the customer experience.

Natural resources talent in short supply

Knowledge transfer a must

In the natural resources industry, companies are faced with the daunting challenge of maintaining current production levels despite an industry-wide shortage of skilled workers. For example, the lack of college graduates specializing in mining operations

Mergers and Acquisitions: the ultimate challenge

Mergers and acquisitions represent the ultimate challenge for any business -- no other event is more difficult, challenging or chaotic. A bad merger can leave a tarnished legacy where problematic cultural and process issues define the organization.

Pharmaceuticals: The rules of engagement have changed

Due to the influx of patients caused by health care reform, doctors barely have enough time to see patients let alone pharmaceutical sales reps. Since the chances of spending quality time in front of a doctor are now few and far between,

Taking care of talent

Jun 14, 2013  |  Branco Kuznar  |  advisors, behavior, leadership, talent | 0 Comments

Managing talent is a critical tool in enabling a company to achieve its business goals. Investing in human capital to develop skills, capacity, flexibility and adaptability creates a solid foundation for long term competitive advantage. By managing talent effectively, companies can both speed growth and amplify results. But whilst many organisations have expressed their commitment to developing a sturdy pipeline of talent, many are failing to make this happen in reality and generate the results desired.

Mineworker competency and proficiency

A workable solution to alleviate the stresses from the constricted talent pool
by Jon Wylie, COO Global Mining and Metals, Alexander Proudfoot

The shortage of skilled labour is now the second most critical issue affecting the sector. As companies, especially those in the emerging markets look to start new projects or ramp up existing ones, the severely constricted talent pool is increasingly putting projects at risk.

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