What we do

We’ve been achieving P&L results through people for more than 7 decades, supporting investors and their asset / portfolio management teams in aligning around what is possible and working through and with their people, to realize results at speed. We collaborate with private equity partners and the people operating the assets they invest in and fund. We help you generate greater value across your portfolio by helping investors make better deal decisions, assisting your assets in transforming their operational and financial results, and accelerate and realize returns. We help you and your portfolio leadership teams align around common goals.

What if you could?
What if you could realize the full value of your investment by delivering operational results at speed and scale in the short term, AND create an agile, change-capable business to harness the power of your portfolio for the long term?
With Proudfoot you can.
What if you could assess your portfolio asset, determining the areas of improvement and associated business case, and develop the roadmap to realize that business case? All in 3 weeks. Then realize the business case within weeks and months.
With Proudfoot you can.
Our capabilities
Here's how we help our operating partners work across your deal cycle, from inception to exit:
Areas of impact
  • Productivity & Cost Reduction
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Value Creation
  • Production
  • Performance Improvement
  • Exit Planning
  • Transformation Lab
  • Maintenance
  • Management Operating System
  • Employee Engagement & Alignment
  • PMI/Cultural Integration
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
How we work with you

What if you could realize €63M in EBITDA annual improvement and achieve your 2 year exit strategy, with higher multiplier and significant returns while implementing a new footprint for one of your assets?

Asset type: Global Leader in Flexible Packaging. Objective: premier VC organization needed assistance in effecting a major transformation in one of its major companies in the portfolio that was gravely underperforming as a result of underachieving post merger integration operations.

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Capital Investment Firm, Operations Director Europe


"While it was an intense and demanding project, every minute of it was worthwhile and the results speak for themselves.”

Some of our clients

Global Industrials Manufacturer, COO


"You changed the landscape of my business. No one changes 30 years of ingrained behaviours like you do.”

Bob Taylor, Managing Partner, Advent International


"Existing managers have their day jobs to do. Even if they had the requisite skills, they are unlikely to be able to take on an entire operations review and subsequent change program, and do it with the kind of rigor and momentum required. A firm like Proudfoot does this for a living but cannot really operate without a license to do so from incumbent managers – they’re the ones who know the business intimately, warts and all. In eighteen years in Private Equity, I’ve never seen an operating system like the one Proudfoot installed."

Dr. Norbert Hess, COO, TDK Electronics


Over the last three years, TDK has partnered with Proudfoot in six facilities around the world. Working together, we have significantly improved our operations. So their initial recommendation was a little surprising in that its aim was to improve overall output with no head count reduction. The results speak for themselves: We have achieved record production levels successively for the last three years. Their 'toolkit' for on-the-floor execution is excellent. It's really a manual for how to change a culture for higher performance and make it stick. Their people are good leaders with the tools, discipline, and experience to make effectiveness in execution routine in the workforce.

Our credentials

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Private Equity Chemical Manufacturing: Efficiency & production improvements involving eight plants focusing on Facility Production Footprint Rationalization, Throughput and OEE, Yield, and Operating Margin Improvement.


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